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Originally Posted by newboldphilly View Post
Exit 166 now that's bennyland if i've ever heard of it.
Exit 100 here 'cept now i'm a benny too.

I love AC - and I don't even gamble.

AC had (and still has) an opporunity to integrate the casinos into the urban fabric much better than they have been. As it stands, the Borgata is the only casino you can't walk to.

To me, the future of AC is about being a casino town, a beach town, and a walkable, urban place all in one. It seems like, and i don't know if this is already the case but now is the time to focus on Atlantic Ave. in terms of shoring up the retail/restaurant and residential environment. It just screams at you from the Marina to Ventnor "condos, lofts, apartments, shops!" I think "the Walk" really dropped the ball there by not even leaving the option to build up.
Exit 100 here myself.

Well said about AC.