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Originally Posted by Paul in S.A TX View Post
Your off the wall, San Antonio is on the progressive track just like Austin.San Antonio's downtown is at a higher level overall.There is more retail, more business, and more people living downtown.More to do, which is not just for tourist.The Riverwalk expansion,River North, 25,000 residents projected, is going to put San Antonio's downtown top notch.San Antonio-Austin intermunicipal commuter rail district is underway.San Antonio is no different as far as planning new future transportation infrastructure.The highest paid city manager in the country,from Phoenix, now San Antonio's, i'm sure has new idea's to make San Antonio a top notch city.
Paul, why do you insist on a) responding to something I said on August 8 and b) insist on saying patently untrue statements?

Again, if you recall, only one article from 1998 has ever suggested a number that means there are more people living downtown in SA. When and where are 25,000 residents projected? If you look at the only relatively unbiased piece of data, it shows that Austin has more people living in its downtown zip code than SA does. Either way, which city has a dozen or more downtown apartment buildings being constructed? Not San Antonio.

And, yes, Austin is different in planning its infrastructure - it has a commuter rail line being constructed. San Antonio does not have a commuter rail line being constructed.

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