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Here are some information on developments for "the Peninsula."


Brisbane Baylands

In February 21, 2006, UPC submitted to the City of Brisbane a Specific Plan for the Phase I of the Brisbane Baylands. This project is in the formal planning process. The project expands over 440 acres in the eastern portion of the Baylands. The proposed project includes mixed commercial, office, retail, restaurant, and open space uses.

You can download the Specific Plan at

Unfortunately for fans of the Built enviroment, the first phase of this project may leave you "wanting." As you can see from the image I have posted below (from the specific plan download); the mid parcel is going to be an auto mall, the commercial section at the bottom will be a suburban campus (not unlike those the populate Silicon Valley and nearby South San Francisco), Big Box retail will take up nearly half of the entertaiment sub area, and a lot of space is given to parking lots. But if memory serves me well, I have heard this section of the bay lands is extremely contaminated, and thats why they have decided to go with this scheme.

I am, however, interested to see what happens in the future phases of development. The area north of the huge traffic circle is slated for a mixed use transit development. That might end up being something to look foward to, although it probably end up having a single developer. There is also potential in the area surrounding the baylands, with executive park being redeveloped nearby as well as the old 49ers statdium, Vistatcion Valley has a small redevelopment area and the old cow palace will most likely come down. There are also more talks for redeveloping Sierra Point nearby and allowing housing. I would also hope to see something done around the Caltrain station in South San Francisco. They are all very disjointed now, but with good planning (yes i know!) they could be a good whole. Guess time will tell but the potential is exciting, I think.

Here is the image from the specific plan:

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