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Originally Posted by San Frangelino View Post
That's good to hear. I have seen other renderings of the project, although I never saved them. It looks like the complex will have 3 towers, of what heights I am not sure. I do hope it gets off the groud.

Do you ever recall hearing of plans Adobe had to expand on vacant land on the opposite site of the freeway? I thought I recall reading an article about that?

Yes they bought the land south of the Shark tank for future offices and condos...

these are two articles.. you have to pay for the full version becuase they are archived.

Adobe reportedly in talks to buy lot: S.J. PARCEL CALLED IDEAL FOR COMPANY
From: San Jose Mercury News (San Jose, CA) Date: March 22, 2006
Byline: Jon Ann Steinmetz

Mar. 22--The last downtown property big enough to support an Adobe-sized office campus may find a familiar buyer: Adobe itself. Adobe Systems, downtown San Jose's most visible high-tech company, is in negotiations to buy some or all of a 5.5-acre parcel of land owned by the San Jose Water Co., according to individuals familiar with the talks. The site is across from the HP Pavilion on West Santa Clara Street. If a deal is consummated, it would set in motion the first new office construction downtown in years, on the only remaining land large ...


Adobe to buy 5.5-acre tract in downtown San Jose for $25 million
26 April, 2006
San Jose Mercury News

Adobe Systems announced today it has agreed to buy a 5.5-acre site in downtown San Jose for $25 million from ...

(c) Copyright 2006, San Jose Mercury News. All Rights Reserved.
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