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Some North First Street, San Jose News

Chu faces vote on North San Jose housing
By Barry Witt
Mercury News
Article Launched: 08/13/2007 01:41:55 AM PDT

New San Jose Councilman Kansen Chu will be tested Tuesday night when he decides whether to support a 1,900-unit apartment complex in his district or back a neighborhood group's call to suspend new housing developments in the area.

Full Article available at

For those unfamiliar, North First Street is a massive redevelopment project North of Downtown San Jose. It would remake a portion of First st between Montague Exp and Brokaw Rd into a pedestrainized mixed-used district, sort of like a second linear downtown. As of Decemeber 2006, the legal barriers have been removed to allow the redevelopment to go ahead.

Images from the sites listed below:

For more information go to:

Some Key Elements:

Proactively plan for growth to allow more industrial development in a way that benefits current San Jose residents.

Allow up to an additional 27 million square feet of research and development and office space in North San Jose.

Bring up to 83,000 new jobs to San Jose, providing additional job opportunities for San Jose residents.

Concentrate up to 16 million square feet of the new research and development and office space in a 600 acre Urban Corporate Center core area along the North First Street light rail corridor, between Brokaw Road and Montague Expressway.

Develop an average 1.2 FAR in the core area with typical buildings of 6-10 stories.

Focus on high-tech and corporate headquarters development.
Create a rich pedestrian environment within the core area to encourage use of the transit system.

Generate approximately $520 million in funding for the construction of local and regional transportation improvements.

Provide new high-density residential development (up to 32,000 units) in close proximity to employment centers
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