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Originally Posted by Geebrr View Post
Maybe if we fell ass backwards into a pile of dead dinosaurs we could be as great as Calgary

Why do you come into Winnipeg threads just to bitch?

It has nothing to do with dinosaurs ... there are literally hundreds of cities with rapid trasit without any oil resources to rely on. The reailty is that socialsits like to blame everything Winnipeg doesn't have on a lack of oil. Its the most simple excuse Winnipegers have relied on for years. Just because we don't have oil, doesn't mean Winnipeg can't prosper.

I am not bitching about not having something we can't afford at the moment. Its just a simple fact Winnipeg's economy has suffered under decades of mismanagement and continuous reliance on government mega projects. It has been hampered by excessive taxes and narrow tax base.

Lets take the positive steps in making Winnipegs economy stronger. Build the economy so that the tax base expands and broadens. Then we can look to building a sytem we can be proud of... until then it will be little more than a dream. A good dream, but still a dream.

Please take some time to look over the intial concepts by the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce in how to make Manitoba a "have province".

Also examine the Winnipeg's chamber site for other concepts which have come to light in Winnipeg's struggle to rebuild its economy.

All I can say is Winnipeg is moving in the right direction. Thats not bitching .. its accepting reality and looking forward to a better future. Winnipeg has massive potential and it needs to live up to that potencial. Excuses are not acceptable any more.
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