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Actually, that green garden idea was from one of the undergrad students from U of M's faculty of Architecture (not quite a 'kiddie' anymore). It was more theoretical than practical as it posed the question of what do we do with all this road/parking infrastructure when it is no longer needed in the distant future (because we'll all be using public transit because of environmental concerns / price of gas). like i said, theoretical, but not quite practical - but it wasn't meant to be.

that being said, it was one of my more favorite ideas because it was one of the only projects that didn't focus on a single project to answer the question "Plan Your Winnipeg" (ie: a new building; a reworked mall; revamped courtyard). They're all great ideas, but we all know how (un)successful it is pinning our hopes to strengthen Winnipeg on a single project (ie: City Hall, Portage Place, MTS Centre), but when put together as a whole plan, things work out great (ie: St. Boniface or Osborne Village with their mix of shops, residences, business, services, parks, etc.) I was hoping to see more of that from the Adult category at last week's exhibition.
I disagree, Osborne is not succesfull as it is now, it's very trashy and dangerous, look at crimestat and you'll see the concentration of crime going on there... i was living there but get annoyed by drunk/punk and started to feel unsafe in the latter days.
Downtown as it is now it's way better then many residential neighboroughs, it's cleaner and very well illuminated at night, and i start to see more and more people at nights (of which the percentage of drunks seem decreasing), yesterday night at 12:00 a.m. the bus was pretty full
I think single projects, not necessarily huge, are still helpful.

I do not agree with newflyer for many things he say, considering that I'm communist ... but it's probably true that with more money going around and and a plan for downtown things would get better really fast, it's all about the money.
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