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Originally Posted by viperred88 View Post
Geebrr I agree newflyer rant went a little too far but isn't some of what he said true. I understand what he is saying.

Myself I would much prefer people telling there opinions without an insult. But hey opinions are for assholes, right.
oops I went too

I've been a frequent transit ride (Mon-Fri) for over 2 yrs now, I made a post to see what peoples thoughts were on our current Transit system along with future thoughts/concerns on RT etc. My post was what it was, I wasn't saying anything that isn't true....... it's just a fact.

But when someone decides to be apart of a forum community and tries to insult someone else's intelligence just because they make a comment about something that the other doesn't agree with.......... I have no problem with people giving there opinions because heck this is what these forums are about. Info, debates, casual discussions, etc.

Whatever though I can really careless. My point was made earlier I provided information regarding the status of the 2006 Transit Development Project.
Take it as you wish.

All I know is when you hear city council announce a unanimously decision on a city budget for the first time since 86 shows me how much all of these councilors are actually on the same page. No wonder things take forever to get done in this city. That's a prime example to why this whole transit development plan is all out of whack.

It's just that when your born and raised in Winnipeg and know that the city has a lot of potential to become one of the best cities in Canada but yet still hits road block after road block starts to become very frustrated. I'd just like to see more happen with my tax dollars that's all. There's not much to show for, at least in regards to city transportation.

Ride our transit system as much as I do and you'll see exactly what I'm talking smell what I'm cooking?

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