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Originally Posted by newflyer View Post
Welcome to SSP .. its always great to get another opinion.

I have to be honest .. I have always found this topic to be quit funny. I mean it takes a subject such as transit for you guys to relate to and understand how weak the local economy is. I mean you all seem to be willing to overlook this reality in almost every other way, but since Winnipeg can not afford to lay rails or build multi-million dollar stations you guys seem suprised.

Well good news... Manitoba has just confirmed it is to recieved hundreds of millions of dolars more in transfers, because it is so damn poor. If the NDP choose to, it could built the magic bullet sollution of rapid transit. Then everyone could feel so much better about everything.

Of course with any type of rapid transit system in place you guys will go back to being completely ignornat of the economic inefficinecy of Manitoba.

The intelligent thing would be to build the economy by eliminating the payroll tax and capital tax. Incouraging more investment .. thus building a broader tax base.... BUT since this is a forum made up of mostly people going through some sort of idealistic phase I am sure the economy will be put way on the back burner. I mean we could have BUSES and DIAMOND LANES!!!

Such is the Manitoba way of doing things.
Maybe if we fell ass backwards into a pile of dead dinosaurs we could be as great as Calgary

Why do you come into Winnipeg threads just to bitch?
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