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Is Articulating same as Accordian Style Bus

Originally Posted by The Jabroni View Post
Well, if we can convince the whole city to kick out ALL of those who are running at city hall right now (at this point, I don't care what colours they're flying), then perhaps we can have a better transit system. Hell, maybe even a better city after all! It'll be up to the new guys to clean up the mess that previous councillors/mayors who made some indecisive mistakes over the last...oh... 50 years! It's one of the reasons why I call this place "Soviet Canuckistan."

I'm really disappointed on when those articulated buses are supposed to come this year when apparently, they haven't even started ways to accommodate them. So much bureaucracy involved in this city, it's so frustrating.
What needs to be done to accomodate articulating buses? Are those not the accordian style buses that just travel on regular roadways? Although I am an EXpatriot Winnipeger I am currently in Sherwood Park which is adjacent to Edmonton. In addition to the Edmonton Transit System both Sherwood Park and St. Albert Transit Systems operate the accordian style buses.

Is there a difference
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