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Originally Posted by Trae View Post
No it doesn't. More like middle, but still pretty high up there. If you want to combine Austin - SA, you could combine Houston with Beaumont-PA (about 330,000), Victoria, Huntsville, even Lake Charles (200,000).

You could do the same for all of the other NFL cities that are around the same size as SA.

No, because Victoria and Lake Charles are further away from Houston than Austin/SA are apart.

However, I do agree that Victoria "could" be considered part of Houston's Market. I would think that would stretch from Victoria over to Orange.

How many NFL sized cities (for this example let's say SA) have another major league sized city (for example Austin) right at their doorstep. Not many. Name me 2 1.5 million plus cities 1 hour apart. That is where the Victoria, Lake Charles argument falls apart. Those are tiny towns compared to Austin.
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