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Originally Posted by M1EK View Post
It doesn't matter how many poor people your city has; it matters how many, and what type of, rich people it has (or at least middle-class people with enough disposable income to buy stuff).

New York has plenty of all types, which is why they can easily support two teams. If you could somehow move Austin's population inside the city limits of San Antonio, you MIGHT have the makings of a borderline NFL city.
HaHaHa. Might have a borderline market??? If SA and Austin were combined into one market, you would have one of the biggest markets in the country with nearly 4 million people. That would be one of the top tier nfl markets, not "borderline" market as you suggest. Combining the markets would instantly put SA/Aus. into the top half of NFL markets, in terms of households AND population. And lets not forget these two cities are only an hour apart. Admittedly, SA itself is a borderline market (although bigger than some current NFL cities), but to suggest that SA and Austin combined is borderline or a small market is flat wrong. This would be a "large" market, or at the very least a large medium sized market. Look up the populations on both cities. SA- nearly 2 million. Austin- over 1.5 million. Cities are very close together. Do the math.
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