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Large cities with lots of poor people

Originally Posted by SAguy View Post
Where are you getting this information? You keep wanting to bring down our city but so far the information you've provided is old and out dated.
I think it is just a lingering stereotype that people have held on to about San Antonio for whatever reason. Nevertheless the fact that San Antonio has poor people should not preclude it from gaining entry into the NFL, MLB etc. And to suggest that it should is very narrow-minded of some. Because if having poor people did mean you couldn't support an NFL team then New York, Houston, Miami or Detroit would have no major league teams because of the fact that these towns are overflowing with poor people. And of course that logic is completely ridiculous.

In fact I'd like someone on here to name me one city the size of San Antonio or larger that doesn't have large numbers of poverty stricken people. Just one.
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