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Originally Posted by neilioo View Post
Thats because Toronto's scrapers are larger and taller, use 400ft+ instead of 500ft all of a sudden Toronto has a potential 76 towers comapared to 31 for boston (built, U/C, proposed). And then add the massive CN Tower into the skyline ontop of that.
And Toronto has allot more buildings proposed and U/C which naturaly ...gets more hype, If everything proposed in T.O right now were to be built it would have roughly 37 500+ towers. Currently there are (proposed or under construction) 1 over 1000ft, 4 over 700 ft, 4 over 600ft and a crapload over 500, and the boom doesnt seem to be stopping really.

Chicago gets more hype on the forum then Toronto because it pwns Toronto as Toronto pwns Boston lol, makes sense really, if people go condo crazy in Boston and Boston hits a good office boom then things will take off. Anyway, congrats Boston on your first 1000+ tower, never thought id see the day, should do wonders for the skyline
There's no question that Toronto has more highrises than Boston. Boston does not promote the highrise like many other big cities mainly because it has such a large and beautiful collection of older buildings that many don't want torn down. There was recent article in the Globe discussing the building boom in Boston....

Most people don't realize what is going on in Boston because most of the buldings proposed and U/C are under 25 stories. They are devloping millions of square feet in Norhtpoint in Boston/Cambridge, tallest building 25 stories. They can't build lab and office space fast enough in Kendal square Cambridge, tallet building, ~25 stories. Boston's south Boston waterfront has millions of square feet of office, hotel, residential and retail going up now, tallest builing 300 ft. Theres a proposal to sell city hall and free up 9 prime acres DT for development, could support more height. The total number of highrise (12+) buildings U/C or proposed in Boston/Cambrigde (land area ~55 sq miles) is dozens. Harvard university has amassed somethng like 100 acres of old railyards in the Allston section of Boston, across the river from its Cambridge campus. With an endowment of $29 billion, it's hard to imaging the size of the projects they are planning but the are calling it a new city. Again the tallest building will probably be 25 stories. There are also many proposals for taller buildings many of which are approved and will get built including 1 over 1000ft, 1 over 800 ft, 1 over 600ft and a bunch over 400' including a hirise at Filenes, Columbus Center, province st., the Clarendon, North Sation tower etc. Boston is unlikely to ever have the height of Toronto, but it has a massive CBD area and is extremely dense and walkable. The huge, multi-building projects and decent number of highrises will increase the extent of its ubanity. While not the tallest city, it's closing in on 20 buildings over 500 ft with the new poposals.
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