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Originally Posted by tocoto View Post
Boston and its skyline are so underrated on this forum while Toronto is hyped to the max (like its the same as NYC or something). Boston has two buildings proposed over 500'. The SST is schedule to break ground in the spring of 2007 with height around 650'. 115 Withrop Sq. is planned at 1,200' with its spire and 1,000' to the roof. Like most big cities, Boston has lots of buildings in the 450 to 500 foot range.
Thats because Toronto's scrapers are larger and taller, use 400ft+ instead of 500ft all of a sudden Toronto has a potential 76 towers comapared to 31 for boston (built, U/C, proposed). And then add the massive CN Tower into the skyline ontop of that.
And Toronto has allot more buildings proposed and U/C which naturaly ...gets more hype, If everything proposed in T.O right now were to be built it would have roughly 37 500+ towers. Currently there are (proposed or under construction) 1 over 1000ft, 4 over 700 ft, 4 over 600ft and a crapload over 500, and the boom doesnt seem to be stopping really.

Chicago gets more hype on the forum then Toronto because it pwns Toronto as Toronto pwns Boston lol, makes sense really, if people go condo crazy in Boston and Boston hits a good office boom then things will take off. Anyway, congrats Boston on your first 1000+ tower, never thought id see the day, should do wonders for the skyline
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