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Those pics of Pittsburgh are interesting. If only it was kept, it would have been like going through an American version of those cities in the Alps. I would also say that it and Philadelphia are the most interesting cities in Pennsylvania in terms of history and significance, but I’m sure there are some small towns there that are connected to the Amish and other groups that are also unique.

In terms of other states I have lived in and been to.

Tennessee: Chattanooga. I honestly believe it should be much larger and significant than it is now. It would have been the South’s answer to Pittsburgh, in industrial power and natural beauty.

Chattanooga_2601 by refmo, on Flickr

Chattanooga, TN by MCHLC, on Flickr

Chattanooga by w!L., on Flickr

Chattanooga: Birthday Weekend by Gina Stafford, on Flickr
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