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Originally Posted by UPP View Post
You're correct with you're first paragraph, but that is not due to overpopulation, but corruption. As far as food production, if we replaced coffee with food crops, most central and south American countries could throw food away at the rate that we do. I've done missionary work in Africa, Mexico, Cuba and Guatemala, and I can tell you, the so-called 1% are an absolute blight on the rest of the world.
I'm ok with crapping on oil, the 1%, and overweight North Americans but lay off Coffee.

Its been a while but I have a vague recollection that food wastage in the developing world (including Russia in this) due to inadequate storage facilities and pests like rats led to far more spoilage (of the raw product) of food than the developed world. That North Americans waste far more finished or table ready food - I have no doubt.
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