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This wouldn't be a Province vs Province thing. So stop all your 'we'll pollute your water' mumbo jumbo.

It would be Canada vs USA locally. Water would also be scooped up and shipped in large quantities, for profit, to areas of the world were water is scarce. People from both countries would be pumping Lake Superior water to plants for bottling, etc. There would need to be agreements on water use, which would of course be broken, around the world.

In the USA, places like California, Nevada, Arizona, etc, would be the first to dry up. Ocean water desalinization would become very popular, but expensive of course. Long water pipelines from great lakes would be posed just like all the oil pipelines.

This is where wars will break out when countries like Russia start exerting their pressure on surrounding countries.

Not talking tomorrow, but a couple hundred years from now when the population of Earth explodes even further. Food is scarce, same with water. Need water to grow crops for peoples foods. Snowball effect takes hold and the consumer society starts to crumble.

Water being the next great world commodity is real.
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