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The fella's name is Ruben Espronceda (sp). When I worked at the city a decade ago he was a regular pain in our arse. Always signed up to speak during public comments to complain about something he wasn't pleased with, regardless if it had anything to do with him/his family/his job, etc. He's cut from the same cloth as Terri Hall; you know, the folk who have no professional training or experience in what they rally against, yet still believe so strongly in the rightousness of their cause, that they become arrogant, thinking that only they know whats best for the rest of us and if we dont agree its because we're stupid, been brainwashed, or work for some evil dark multi-national who's in bed with city-hall.

At least once or twice a year we'd have to have Mr. Espronceda arrested for trespass when he'd verbally disrupt board meetings, shouting from the audience, etc.

It's just proof of how anti-progress some folk in this town can be. Left to them, San Antonio would still be nothing more than a dusty collection of adobe shacks along the river, and we'd all still be riding donkeys to work.
"We marched five leagues over a fine country with broad plains, the most beautiful in all of New Spain. We camped on the banks of an arroyo. This I called San Antonio de Padua, because we reached it on the day of his festival." - General Domingo Teran de los Rios, June 13, 1691, in a letter to the King of Spain on the occasion of the founding of San Antonio.
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