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Originally Posted by acron View Post
in other news, city manager phil (?) richards announced his retirement. does that mean that we will no longer be terrorized by terrible city planning decisions (saskplace on a farm, a casino in a field, angle parking on second ave., hight restrictions on buildings downtown, etc.)? maybe not right away. but its a step in the right direction. ... i'm not saying one man is responsible for all of that awfulness. quite the opposite, this province and city has been crippled by false conciousness since tommy douglas. but finally people's mindset is starting to change. backward thinking people are dying and retiring, people are getting out and seeing the world. one city manager at a time the city is changing and taking on a new identity... i am a dreamer.. i think we can turn this city around into a modern metropolis. we don't have to be dragged to the bottom by our predecessors who always claim that we are "small," "we can't do this, we can't do that," bla bla bla shut up already!!... 50 years ago saskatoon was bigger than calgary! and saskatchewan has always had more resources than alberta, the difference is that alberta was determined to thrive, and people here were content to let the government run the province into the ground. governments do not inspire people, they put people in jail and give out parking tickets (but that's a topic for another day). bottom line - the only thing that can stop us from becoming the richest province in canada, having an NHL team, etc., is people like lenore swystun and the NDP. if we can keep the socialists where they belong (at the bottom of wascana lake) the possibilities are endless
Although I partially agree with some of your rant, I must correct you on "50 years ago saskatoon was bigger than calgary!". Have a look at Statscan figures over the last 100 years. Once you've done that, come back here and post your findings.

Saskatoon never had more people than any of the Western Canadian cities (Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, or Winnipeg...and had fewer people than Regina up until 1985).

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