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BUENOS AIRES | Polo Audiovisual | 1,100 FT | FLOORS (Tallest in Latin America)

The building will be 335 meters tall and is expected to become the headquarters of the biggest film-making studios in Latin America.
The President of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, announced Wednesday the construction of the so-called “Polo Audiovisual,” a 335 meter-tall building, the tallest of Latin America and taller than the Chrysler Building in New York.

After a two year tender, the project was finally assigned to Riva company. The investment will be USD$295 million. The construction will begin this November and is expected to be finished within five years.

“This means that the following government has to commit itself to continue with the project,” said Fernandez.

The President also said that the building will be a center of audiovisual and cinematographic production, a concert hall for 15,000 people, an hotel, and a museum of Visual Arts. It will be almost half the size of Central Park, in New York, 1.25 miles.

“The building will become a symbol of Buenos Aires, our capital, and we believe that for its originality, creativity, its symbolical colors, it will become a symbol for all the Argentinians."

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