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Originally Posted by The Model View Post
I counted 18 floors, including the 13th floor, and the levels on the river level.
Building doesn't look to tall from the highway, but from street level it is very impressive!
It will be as tall as the Holiday Inn Riverwalk, so it should make a good impression. Though, as I drive on I10 South, it is already making a good impression. If the 24 floors for this hotel is true, from a article a few years ago, then it should only be needing 5-6 floors, depending if they don't count 13th as a floor. It's interesting thing - the counting of the number of floors per building/tower is not as simple as going outside and counting the windows in parallel fashion (especially the building at 33 Thomas Street, the Long Lines Buildings, located in Manhattan, New York, New York). There are so many variables to the number of floors per space between window as one counts in parallel fashion. Most, for instance, would be surprised at how few floors exist at the Bank of America Tower in New York City due to its impressive height of 769 ft at roof and at 1,200 ft at spire, with only 55 floors.


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