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I hope that Chance just doesn't quite follow politics or have time to really think through the politics that get handed to him. Because he's obviously young and hopeful and wants to do good things, but if he's getting corralled into old-school machine politics, he won't have the kind of positive impact I'm sure he would like to have.
Lori has the (begrudging) support of the police/fire community, so to somebody like Chance she is radioactive. It's literally that simple.

I guess I might see things his way if my skin color allowed cops to treat me like Laquan McDonald. Hard to be concerned about insider vs outsider, machine vs reformer or other finer points of politics when you're literally scared for your life going out on the street. The reality is more nuanced of course, but to many young black voters it seems crystal clear that they should not use their vote to support the police.
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