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This kind of dog whistle nonsense from Chance the rapper is egregiously bad. Clearly what chicago needs is more geographic division and racial resentment. That's the path to a brighter future for our city

Preckwinkle was introduced at the rally by Chance the Rapper, the first time the two shared a stage since the hip-hop star endorsed her candidacy Thursday.

“Her opponent was not elected by the South Side. Her opponent was not elected by the West Side,” Chance said of Lightfoot. “Her opponent was elected by the North Side, and there’s two of us and one of them, and we need to come out in droves and elect our next mayor of Chicago, President Toni Preckwinkle. Make some noise, Chicago!”
Desperation. Self respect lost.

The good news is that most black voters in chicago are intelligent enough to see right through this us vs. them charade. Harold never resorted to "side-ism". He didn't have too. He was a real leader.
He has to go.

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