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Originally Posted by S.A. View Post
A&M campus could become S.A.'s Harvard


Look out Harvard, here comes Texas A&M University-San Antonio.


“Yes, Harvard-Cambridge may seem like pie-in-the sky, but it's not,” said Scott Polikov, president of Fort Worth-based Gateway Planning Group, which is designing the community for the Verano Land Group. Verano donated nearly 700 acres to Texas A&M to build the university and an irrigation technology center, with plans to recoup its costs on the surrounding developments.

“One of the reasons Harvard became great is that Cambridge was planned and grew to be a vessel to support Harvard,” Polikov said. “This is absolutely possible.”

Typical aggy. lol

Being the oldest school in the US, and having the largest endowment in the world @ $32 billion (Yale second @ $19 billion, UT 3rd @ $17 billion, and a very distant aggy 9th @ $7 billion) I somehow don't think Harvard is to worried about TAMU-SA.

Typical aggy nonsense aside, I love the community plans. Has anything other than the school broken ground? That urban stadium looks amazing!
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