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Originally Posted by GThomas View Post
I've been watching the assembly of the Viewpoint model in the retail portion of Spire. There were several people looking at the model yesterday. I'll get a picture of it as soon as it's put together.

It looks better than the rendering to me. The glass looks dark/smokey. The left portion of the parking deck has a garden/fountain area at the top. The right side has the pool at the top. It looks as if the balcony rails are dark gray/black. The top wave portion looks very sharp too, but ceases about midway through the depth of the building. The model even includes the Starbucks building. Looks good.
The two buildings next to it (future phases) are white and don't really have much detail, but they also include the wave on top....only it goes the opposite direction as the main tower (ie towards Juniper instead of towards Peachtree).

Either way, the model looks great. The only thing I was a little disappointed with was the retail fronting Peachtree. I assume that tenants will do their own thing with it, but the retail Novare put into the model is only on one floor and doesn't include anything interesting in the way of display windows or signage.