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Winnipeg's crime rate should be considered its top priority. Well it maybe true that if you don't live along Main you may not be effected much by crime that is hardly the point.
A city is not a "section" that you can pretend doesn't exist. Vancouver is a STELLAR example of this with its Downtown Eastside.
Second there is a VERY cheap , VERY effective, and non-toxic way of getting rid of mosquitos.................its called garlic.
Garlic fields have NO mosquitos and many farms and golf courses/parks spray a light garlic on their fields overhead by plan twice a year with NO mosquitos after that in sight.
The smell goes away in about 4 hours BUT because the average mosquito has a sence of smell approx. 10,000. stronger than ours they completly avoid the area and can die from its effects with NO harm to other creatures big and small.
Sound rediculous.........its not, its scientific fact, they cannot tolerate the smell of garlic. Much the same as silverfish go away immediatly after applying Lemon Mr.Clean on bathroom has nothing to do with toxicity but just the fact they cannot tolerate the smell. I use to have them all over my condo bathroom and the manager just said clean with Mr.Clean and so I did and I haven't seen one since.
And all this time you thought garlic only repelled vampires and lousy dates.

Many small cities in the USA are now spraying twice a year to rid themselves of skitters and it works.
This is also why many houses in the southern US just apply a very low homemade garlic/water/canola oil spray on thei lawns and NEVER get mosquitos and why it is often used in poorer countries to help control WestNile.
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