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Originally Posted by ssiguy
I really don't understand why Manitobans are so down on their fair metropolis.
I would consider moving to Winnipeg but there are two thing that hold me back...........mosquitos {which I still cannot be beleive that can't control} and the high crime rate.
A lot of people are down on our fair metropolis because the majority of Canadians have stereotypical views of this city - views that are obviously strenghthened when they talk to expats like yourself.

Mosquitoes and crime are very fluffy reasons not to want to live here. Yes mosquitos can't really be controlled (unless the city gets serious about proper drainage around the outskirts of the city) but this summer there weren't any mosquitos period.

As for crime - well the rate maybe higher here, but I seriously doubt that in your day to day life you would notice any difference here compared to any other large city in Canada.

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