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Regina is not large enough to warrant a "Park 'n' Ride" system. By the time I drive to one of the designated places, I might as well spend another five minutes and drive straight to work. For families with more than one person, unless parking at work is an issue, transit in Regina doesn't make a whole lot of sense. And adult pass is $57 a month. Two adults equals two full tanks of gas in a moderately fuel efficient car.

A feeder system to work off of hubs, as Quimby has often suggested, would be Regina's best plan. Telebus was good when it was running. Often we'd have pick up and delivery in less than fifteen minutes. I don't remember why the service was discontinued specifically, other than the fleet of buses the City had bought new in 1973 were tired and old ten years later. Having lived in Regina for well over 30 years, I would also suggest resident apathy.

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