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Originally Posted by El Santo View Post
You don't understand how soccer works. Soccer is one of the most tribal sports in the world. I could never support a team from Austin. I barely support our USL team as it is on the other side of town from me.
That may be true everywhere else in the world, but it really isn't here in the States. In pretty much every other country (except Australia maybe), soccer is seen as a sport followed by the so-called working classes. Whereas in the States it's very middle-class with a lot of support from young/"hip" millenials. Take a look at what happened with all these new expansion teams, with NYCFC and New York Red Bulls for example. Do you honestly think that supporters of a team that didn't even exist a few years ago really give a damn about a rivalry with Red Bulls? Of course not. It's all fake. I remember seeing a NYCFC match a few years back where they were handing out songsheets so the supporters would know what to sing. What a joke.

Sports in the US is very consumer based, fans are seen as customers, whereas in other countries they're seen as *supporters* of their local soccer team. It's why when teams do poorly in the US, a lot of times the stadia/arenas are left empty. People don't support the teams, they just want to be entertained. So if your team sucks then you won't go. In comparison to a lot of soccer clubs around the world, hell, even if they get relegated they still fill their stadia.

So yeah. The way soccer works in other places isn't the same as the way that it works here.

Originally Posted by El Santo View Post
We need promotion and relegation in the US. That is the only way a team from SA will get to division 1.
This I do agree with. But we're not getting promotion/relegation anytime soon, so you can kiss that goodbye.

I like the idea of getting a team in Liga MX. I doubt it would happen as any team we get would be destroyed by the Mexican clubs, but the influx of money would be huge and could be a big boon for the city. I think a better option might be to join to start out in the second division in Mexico and then once the team would be stable, push for promotion and hope to get into Liga MX.