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Originally Posted by The Model View Post
I have several photos of all the buildings being built, I just don't have the time to make a flickr account or something like that, because I want to watermark my images, and all that stuff.

Embassy Suites, I'm pretty sure broke ground yesterday. I had lunch at the Miliam Building Diner, and I know the manager of the building, he pointed out to me that they closed the parking lot across the street, and they would be building a 16 floor building, he said Zachery is the construction company, and there renting the 11 floor in the Miliam to keep an eye on construction. Also there is a construction truck, making a hole in the parking lot already. I remember someone posting that were almost out of cranes in the downtown area, well thank goodness, it looks like were getting a crane soon for Embassy.

Does anyone know when Piazza San Lorenzo will start construction. I walk by the site everyday, and there is a rendering in the window, next door to Subway but that project was proposed four years ago, and still nothing.
Good news about the Embassy Suites, I think it's going to turn out real nice, I hope
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