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Originally Posted by 21bl0wed View Post
How would it look like another "suburban" 410 building? And since when is the northern arc of 410 suburban these days? The only all glass building i can think of is where time warner use to be located 410 by pappaduex...and umm the building at 410/I10..And besides whats wrong with havin a building that has a modern look? We have how many buildings that look modern in our dt? umm..hmm..thats right 0. There's nothin wrong with changing it up and having something that looks - now days. Who cares if another city has it? Sometimes being different isn't a good thing. This is one of those times.
Well you are entitled to that opinion. I disagree, whole heartedly, and the great thing about forums such as these is we get this median as a way to express such opinions.
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