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Originally Posted by CoryB View Post
How is one of the corners of Portage and Main landing a new, major, public facing tenant a "blow" to Portage and Main? Glad to see the space in 201 Portage did not remain vacant for long. If anything that is likely a positive sign for the corner.
I agree that this is more of a positive opportunity for both the building and the corner than it is a "doom and gloom" scenario. Yes the "Millennium Centre" is under-utilized, and only a short distance from P & M, but I honestly think the location and the Building's prominent alignment (facing P & M) will create a greater sense of urgency and importance to re-purpose the building (and hopefully the entire intersection) than the Millennium Centre did.

No, there has been no tenant secured, but the announcement was just made a few days ago! There have already been, IMO, a couple of really solid suggestions for this building posted here already, and personally I'd love to see more from this mainly "pro-development" group on the topic than just more of the old tiresome "here we go again/why are we so hopeless?" theatrics.
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