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I believe that it is an excellent news that a public observatory will be up there and about the panoramic elevators , I believe, will be the highest in America, even more fabulous news. Nor should we dramatize about the project and see only negative things; I do not think that by placing two panoramic elevators, the façade will change much, actually the elevators will go through the back, so the view of the building from the park, which is what is usually photographed, does not will be altered. so the project seems great to me. I can't wait to go up there¡¡
the terraces look fabulous. If I'm not mistaken, it will be the only observatory in Chicago with access to the outdoors. It would be even more fabulous, if they could do as in the twin towers, an automatic staircase, to go to the roof, and make a terrace for public ,completely outdoors, as at the south tower in Manhattan, then it would be unsurpassed, a success¡¡¡ There would be lines to go up there. I'm sure.
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