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The building was abandoned in 1990 and stood vacant for the next 16 years. It was damaged in the 2000 Fort Worth tornado and the clock and skywalk were removed at that time for safety reasons. The building was purchased under foreclosure by XTO Energy in 2004. After determining that the estimated $62 million cost to refurbish the building was prohibitive, the company decided to raze the building to use the site for parking space and possibly a new building the future. The company contracted Midwest Wrecking Company in November 2005 to perform the demolition. After four months of preparation, the building was demolished by controlled explosive implosion on March 18, 2006 at 7:40 am. The demolition used 364 pounds (165 kg) of explosives and required 15 city blocks to be evacuated. Although at the time, XTO Energy discussed plans to eventually build a new 50 story skyscraper in its place, as of 2015, the site is occupied by a simple parking lot.
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