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Yeah and it's really just nitpicking at this point. At least its over 1500 feet. An extra couple of feet, eh, but breaking the 1500' barrier in NA, is a milestone. Slowly but surely roof height is increasing and in frequency too.

What I've been interested statistics wise is an exact number of high rises in the city and what the summation of all of them will be once complete (ones in demo/u/c :: /approved. I know Emporis is outdated, but the CTBUH is probably the closest thing accuracy wise but the problem is that both sources aren't precise and accurate at the same time. I need precise and accurate!

I'm wondering if city hall has records on the subject.

I did a little exercise last month out of curiosity on the subject and came up with 6792 high rises and skyscrapers. This being for the city limits. Adding up the Gold Coast, plus Yonkers, gives us 7280 highrises/skyscrapers. Now this is not adding up the eastern proxies in Long Island, so I know I am missing a lot. Didn't even add up Newark either or the Oranges.

But just a half-ass projection, I'd say the total count of highrises for this region will be 7663 AFTER all the current projects are complete (ones u/c or in advanced stages of demo). This being half-ass because there are many structures as defined by the definition of high rises that have permits for construction, and are in the process of being active that haven't been included. Also missing some crucial high rise nodes. Problem is a lot of high rises going up aren't known, and that's what I try to expose via my compilation threads.

Another problem I have is the exact definition of a high rise which can greatly inflate numbers. These values being for structures 12 floors and/or 100 ft or greater. Some places though claim 10 floors is a highrise and anywhere from 60-90 feet is a high rise.

Probably something I'll work on down the line.
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