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Ok, few updates,

It seems Zagreb is going all sporty, major investment in to sport infrastructure, stadium, sport indoor arenas and tennis courts are being planed or built.

Zagreb Dynamo Stadium is being reconstructed, Currently stadium has 38000 seats but after works carried out on the Stadium are completed Dynamo Stadium Capacity should increase to 55 000 seats. Stadium will have massive sliding roof and some other technological innovations.

Stadium aims to achieve 5* ratings so it can host major international football events, Croatia it seems will most likely host Euro 2012 and opening ceremony will be at the new Dinamo Stadium.

Another major sporting event in Zagreb is World’s Handball Championship in 2009, 18800 setter Arena is being planed for this event.

Construction is starting in May, this year and should be completed sometimes in early 2009 just before the Handball Championship, City plans to spend 100 million Euro on the project.

Another major indoor arena is also planed, I am not 100% certain if it is 18000 setters as mentioned by media, or if it will be slightly smaller hall in region of 10-12 000 seats, none the less, Zagreb will get 2 large indoor arenas in short space of time, considering Zagreb already has 2 large indoor arenas, Zagreb Sports Hall which has capacity of 12800 seats and Drazen Petrovic Hall with 5500 seats.

New Super Arena, 18800 seater, very impressive design in my opinion.

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