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ZAGREB - Projects

Zagreb Projects

Zagreb: 780 000 Inhabitants (1.1 million greater Zagreb)

Here are some of the projects in Zagreb Croatia.


Mall and shopping centre: Galerija Cvjetni Trg – 50 000sqm

Sky Tower 22 floors – 85-90m

Tower 123 – 30 floors, 123m , tallest tower in Croatia

South Gate Tower 25 floors – 106m

Shopping Center Zagreb

Under Construction:

Almeria Tower Complex: 15+1 floors 54m

Zagreb Tower – 22+1 floors – 84.2m

Modern Art Museum

Avenue Mall

Ilica Tower – 16+1 floors – 67m


EuroTower – 25 floors, 97.4m

Hypo Alpe Adria Bank HQ - 10 floors, 35m

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