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Originally Posted by Eigenwelt
Trueviking, you suffer from the exact illness you claim to despise. You let your supposed subjective critiques be heavily influenced by popular opinion. There are too many variables to make any clear correlation between public acceptance/non-acceptance and artist merit. The desire to do so is one part intellectual laziness and one part intellectual elitism.

Blind rejection of a thing is the same as blind acceptance.

As for the recycling of historical detail... why do those who oppose it so vehemently fail to ever look into it's actual historical precedence? There has never been a time of pure architectual invention. The very nature of the beast is one of slow evolution with constant use of previously developed devices. The only crime is the poor or awkward use of a style. When that style is used should have no critical basis.

And the cult of originality is a modern fad. It goes hand in hand with the larger social desires of the individual to be different and stand out in a growingly large morass of anonymous humanity. Different is not synonymous with "better" or "good".

Oh, and if you are going to continue to rant against historical references in any thread in which they appear, could you please change your username to one which doesn't contain a historical reference? The hypocrasy is something I find quite distasteful.

wow...i couldnt disagree more with every single point you have made.....

original thought is a modern fad!!!!!....are you serious?

you need to read your architecture history you want me to list the styles that the world breezed through in the last century alone? is hardly a slow moving thing....only when it is held back by blind nostalgia....this is particularily true in an era of technology moving forward so quickly.

it is a rare thing when original art is accepted by the is not elitism...its a fact.

still not a single person can tell me what they like about this building.....nostalia is its only merit...if you consider it that.

i hope the username thing was a joke....i dont oppose history....i travel around the world exploring historic architecture.....i have taken many art and architecture history courses....i love historic architecture....i live in an old house...i live in a city that is loaded with it...and i love it....i even belong to 'heritage winnipeg' architectural preservationist organization.

i oppose thoughtless, kitsch design and cartoon architecture....ok for a vegas casino, but not a real building.

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