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These two towers are about being true classical architecture, they are not postmodern at all. Classical architecture has vastly different objectives than avant-gardism... Classical/traditional architecture is about using something proven to work (aka borrowing) and reworking it. It is about using other successful buildings from the past as models, infact being "traditional" architecture if something is not replicated by future buildings it is considered to not be a good idea. The greatest architects of all time borrowed from the past, take Michelangelo for example.
This is exactly the opposite with avant-gardism which tries to be as different as possible from everything else hence the "weird for the sake of being weird" architecture.

This is not a cheap phoney reproduction, one only has to check out the architect's website to see that this proposed building is to be built to high standards and quality levels:
...these two towers will surpass the quality of most of the historic derivations of this architectural style with its golden-hued limestone, clay-tiled roofs, copper gutters and its street-level, bronze-trimmed retail shop windows. Artistic sculptural relief limestone panels and limestone architectural details will be profuse at the street and penthouse levels of the two towers.

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