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Originally Posted by trueviking
my opinion expressed ad nauseum in the other thread....kitsch....cartoon architecture.....pure decorative using the crutch of the past....sacrifices natural light for fake old stylistic replication.....completely dishonest architecure...has no spirit or innovation.....even as a knock off old building it is way out of scale and references historic styles that are inapproriate for this type of building....deco would have at least had some precedent.....the architect had no imagination whatsoever.....i bet he drives a PT cruiser.

yarabundi...there is no art deco in that is a mish mash of a half dozen other thousand year old styles, but nothing from the last 2 centuries.

if this building was a would be this.....

Sorry, but I don't have a problem with that car. You probably don't like the new Mustang either.
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