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Originally Posted by trueviking
seems like i am the only one actually analyzing it....can someone tell me what they like about them?....besides they remind you of something old?

mass appeal is hardly the definition of design is actually almost always the all areas of the art be popular is to be watered down and generic.....celine dion is one of the most popular singers in the world......does her popularity mean that she is the best musician?

more people have one of these hanging in their homes than any leonardo or botticelli...will you argue that because it is popular, it must then be better design?
To me, neither argument makes sense. So what if Celine Dion isn't the best musician. If people like her singing, then they like it, no if ands or buts about it. Is she the best musician......who cares?? I like lots of different types of music, and alot of the music I like is pop music made by bad musicians, but I still like it.

I see far more copies of Van Gogh, Monet, and other famous artists, on people's walls then any Elvis pictures. I never actually see an Elvis 'black velvet' in someone's house.

I can agree with you that in many cases mass appeal doesn't always produce the best product in the end. Fair enough.
I can't explain exactly why I like the buildings, I just do. If alot of people like them, then I don't see a problem with them.
I don't like everything about them, but just like the general look, especially the one on the left.
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