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Originally Posted by summersm343 View Post
Agree 100%

There is WAY too many groups and organizations who oversee new development. Neighborhood groups, the Planning Commission, CDR, ZBA, etc.... and they ALL have conflicting ideas. That's way too many people who have power who shouldn't have it.
Exactly. It drives me nuts. Too many vested parties and no organized communication. It's like Thanksgiving dinner with a dysfunctional family. Everyone has an opinion, everyone is irrationally reactionary, and the mashed potatoes end up on the ceiling and I don't get any stuffing because it isn't gluten free.

The parking debate kills me. Everyone in the city seems to agree there's a surplus or available parking, then they demand more parking, then complain about the traffic it will cause. The entire argument is set up to fail from the beginning.

Nothing constructive ever seems to come out of these neighborhood organizations. As long as NIMBYs have been screaming, you'd think by now there'd be a way to weed out the nonsense.