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A man after my own cynical heart then?
Yes It is a bloody shame what has happened to Architecture, and the phrase "cheap bastards" is all too accurate. Up until the late 40's early 50's Architecture was about ART.
A single elevator door could have the intricate scrolling, metalwork and detail as some great work of art in a gallery. It was the mark OF Wealth "back then" to have art festooned on every surface. The Lobby of the kings of the 30's are a wonderful testament and legacy to this.
Yet now? Glass, steel and concrete are what we are so often treated to.

Look at 30 Parkplace. From a distance it warms my Curmudgeon heart! It seems to be a revival of a true art deco revival! Yet upon closer inspection, it seems bereft and devoid of even the most basic ornamentation.

Alas, such is the way of the world now, and people like us are made to feel like dinosaurs of a bygone age.
"God damn modern architect's and their Brtualism, and 'realism' and damn concrete boxes. Why I remember back when buildings had STYLE back when you would have real ARTISTS working away both inside and out!
"Um, aren't you like barely 30?"
"Thats not the point you damn whipper snapper!"
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