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Originally Posted by jsbrook View Post
No, it's because few want to live next to highways or cut off from the rest of the city by hellish I-95 and Columbus Boulevard. I bet residential adjacent to the planned park cap between Chestnut and Walnut will be successful. That cap is reputed to be about 5 years away. 2.5 years in the design/engineering phase and 2.5 years for construction. I could otherwise see some demand where the area east of I-95 is wide enough for a self-contained neighborhood. But I think it's still a niche market.

Townhouses don't seem to have a problem being east of I-95, in fact about three projects are right next to the elevated highway. Not for me, but somebody is ok with living with a expressway in their backyard. A 4 story apartment house is finishing up right at I-95 and Spring Garden, with balconies facing the highway.