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Originally Posted by Strayone View Post
I watch the local news, mostly the nbc or abc channels and they lead in with a city scape of the skyline. One thing that is obvious to me, but likely not most viewers is the background showing the SL. It takes one of them to update to the city's actual finished projects. I think 1 or 2 have the Independent in their back drop. I can imagine the next 3 years will have them scrambling to one up the others as it changes in the next 3 years. I s'pose they don't like seeing all the cranes in the back ground. Ha Ha!
You are right about most people not noticing. I had to stop my wife from buying a framed photo of Austin's skyline about 1 year ago.. it was a nice photo, but I don't think it even had the Austonian. I had to explain to her that the skyline doesn't look like that anymore, and even if HAD been an up to date photo, it would be outdated in a year or two. And it's not like we live way out of town or everything -- she sees the skyline every day when leaving our neighborhood.
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