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To break down my encounter a bit more, the two from Lubbuck moved to Texas a few years ago from Mexico. The only person from Texas was one of the two from Dallas. There were 3 people helping the Vegas family move their stuff. They just moved to Austin back in March from California. They helped the Vegas people decide on Austin. I think part of what keeps this wagon steaming full speed ahead is word of mouth. Its actually what got me here sight unseen. Last week I rented to a former West Point Officer who lived across the river from my hometown in NY. (had a nice conversation with him.) He and his partner (from Philly) are now living in Austin. In the last few months, I have welcomed people from NY, Boston, Wisconsin, Ohio, Arizona, New Mexico, California, Nevada, Indiana, Minnesota, Conneticut, and most recently, Denver, Oregon, and Alaska and Chicago. Seems I never had the fortune to welcome anyone from Montana, or Alabama for that matter.
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