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Originally Posted by theOGalexd View Post
Unpopular opinion I'm sure... but I really miss the antenna on the Tower Life Building. On another note, the skyline is really gonna look great from this angle once the CPS Towers, Frost Tower, Canopy and Thompson are done!

edit: I got bored and decided to do some (bad lol) photoshop renderings showing what the Thompson/Frost will potentially add as well as some other potential lots that could be filled up. Honestly, I think the angle from the tower just isn't the most flattering. I10/35 interchange view makes the skyline look the most dense IMO.
I appreciate your posting here. I also appreciate that you photoshopped an image to share. You obviously put some effort into it and I appreciate that.

But the point of this thread is to see what the actual San Antonio skyline has looked like and will look like over the years. Eventually I may take all the images and create an animation showing the change over time.

While there may indeed be better views of the San Antonio skyline, this is the only location that guarantees that each image will be be basically the same. In order to create the aforementioned animation, each image must match up precisely so that they can be overlaid one on top of the other.

So I'd like to respectfully ask that from now on if anybody posts a picture, please make it a real one.

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