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HDRC Approves Dollar General Demolition on San Pedro Creek

The vacant building will become a grassy “island” with Cyprus trees, said River Authority Watershed Engineer Kerry Averyt. Project designers envision a low bank paseo lined with several shade structures in the area connecting the plaza to the rest of the linear park. Trees will also be planted along the walkway that will eventually grow up to street level, Averyt said. A rendering of the potential design was presented, but was not submitted to the City for review or made available for publication.

The channel between Penner’s and the Dollar General is the narrowest part of the entire San Pedro Creek project, so the proposed design involves widening and deepening the creek in that area, Averyt explained. Visitors will be able to walk under Commerce Street along the creek or access the street level from a series of nearby stairs or ramps.

“There’s still some work in progress to the final look,” Averyt said, and the River Authority aims to bring those designs back to HDRC by October.
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