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Originally Posted by whatdoyouwantandwhy View Post
Huh? San Antonio has a unique Tejano culture that is uncommon in most american cities. a culture that is barely starting to recover from the jim crow era which tried to erase it. I for one am glad the city is restoring this creek with Tejano culture in mind. The San Pedro springs redevelopment is an important step in embracing our culture rather than hiding it.
Oh, I like you, whatdoyouwantandwhy. Its so seldom that forumers on this site argue for cultural preservation. I didn't mean to imply that this city was deliberately trying to suppress its heritage, although one might make that impression looking at these new designs.

Originally Posted by whatdoyouwantandwhy View Post
Rather than trying to be like Vegas with the fake venetian atmosphere
Gondolas are the predecessor to the commercial barges the Riverwalk uses today. It wouldn't be fake to place them in the creek as they are part of our history. They could work in concert with Little Italy, and there are already many buildings that were built flush with the creek. That Dollar General island thingy could also serve as a dock. This is just one way the creek could distinguish itself from the river.

Originally Posted by whatdoyouwantandwhy View Post
lets look to New orleans who fully embraces their creole culture. Tejano culture gives San Antonio something entirely unique. While I also appreciate the diversity in growth that we have recently been experiencing, lets not once again try to hide what assets we already have.
New Orleans, an excellent example. You are so right about that city. It has history, culture, a party atmosphere, amazing food. But I would argue that this is all that most people think of when they think of New Orleans. That's all I meant when I said that SA has made great strides in getting outsiders to view us as more than just the touristy stuff.
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